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The company was established in 1967 in Castiglione del Lago (PG) – Loc. Ferretto by brothers Antonio and Giuseppe Forconi as Falegnameria Forconi Antonio e Giuseppe S.n.c. The small joiner’s workshop that also owed its establishment to the help provided by two expert employees soon grew much larger and expanded its business although retaining its handicraft character.
The original workshop with a surface of slightly below 300 square metres

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underwent several enlargements and renovations over the years and eventually grew to the current 2500 square metres thanks to the continuous expansion of the company’s business that also led to new investments in state of the art woodworking machinery.
The large woodworking company has made a name for itself over the years and gained an excellent reputation for the quality and reliability of its products;   the   company’s   clientele   ranges  form  private   to   corporate
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customers and the growing needs of the market allowed the three sons of the two owners Paolo, Roberto and Fabio, to ease their way into the company and associate with their parents. As of 1 January 2007 the three younger partners established the Falegnameria Forconi S.R.L. to which the original company contributes with its artisan joinery line of business (a real generational transition).
Our company mainly produces windows, shutters, inside doors,   entrance

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doors, furniture as well as general joinery works on request. The company also markets armoured entrance doors and fly screens.
Wood essences used for our products include chestnut wood, durmast, iroko, domestic walnut wood, ash wood, cherry-tree wood, toulipier-wood, etc. as well as specific essences requested by the customer. Particular care is paid to painting as the first esthetic impact with the finished product; all painting processes are carried out by expert and qualified staff. The assembly and installation of all products is carried out by expert and professional staff using only the finest hardware; this ensures that only top-quality finished products are provided to customers.
Our vast clientele includes both private and business customers from all over Italy; contacts are taken care of directly by the owners.
Close attention to customer needs, the high-quality of finished products and materials as well as the skills and experience of our staff are the best advertising medium for this company devoted to the preservation of Umbrian handicraft tradition.
The quality and the professional skills of the company made it the recipient of several awards over the years including:  Iscrizione all’Albo d’Oro del Messaggero Economico Italiano in 1979, Premio Aquila d’Oro in 1981, Premio del Lavoro e Progresso Economico of the Chamber of Commerce of Perugia in 1994.

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